Taryn Atlas is an improv comic, personal trainer and single mom of two amazing kids who resides in Denver, CO. Taryn discovered improv comedy by attending a workshop at Impulse Theater in January 2013. At the time she was a stay at home mom looking for a creative outlet…otherwise known as getting out of the house and maintaining her sanity. It was during this workshop that Taryn fell in love with improv comedy. She was asked to audition to join the cast of Impulse Theater and that audition led to almost two years of performing in over 60 shows with Impulse Theater. Taryn learned from some of the nation’s top improv comedians and her love of improv continues to flourish with Broadsided Comedy. Taryn’s love of, better known as obsession with all things costume and sketch related can be seen during Broadsided: An Estrogen Fueled Comedy Show. Her children are forever grateful that their mom has an outlet for her comedy and no longer forces them to pretend to buy a ticket to her living room one woman shows. 


Debbie Scheer is an auctioneer, humorist, public speaker and single mom of two young boys who resides in Denver, CO. Her perspective on life, thus her comedy, has an element that will get a laugh from anybody.  Debbie's comedic timing is naturally clever, while the punchlines show off her kind but provocative nature. She is dedicated to her laugh-craft and it shows on stage. Debbie brings to her comedy an authentic and vulnerable space as she shines the brightest of lights on the topics that we may feel shy talking about. She approaches topics such as sexuality, adoption, GLBTQ issues, mental health and single parenthood with such raw vulnerability and this in turn creates an inclusive space for her audience to let down their guard and view the topics through a different lens. Debbie passionately believes combining humor with education is the best way to approach these oftentimes taboo topics.

Debbie has performed at such places as, Comedy Works South, The Improv Comedy Club in Tempe, AZ, Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Clocktower Cabaret, Blush and Blu, Crossroads Theater, Colorado Pride Festival, Aurora Pride Festival, SheDOT comedy festival in Toronto Canada and many other fantastic places. Check out where Debbie will be next and stop by for a giggle or two. www.debbiescheer.com